Configure your instance firewall

Normally, Amazon computers only allow shell logins via ssh (port 22 access). If we want to run a Web service or something else, we need to give the outside world access to other network locations on the computer.

Below, we will open ports 8000-9000, which will let us run things like RStudio Server. If you want to run other things, like a Web server, you’ll need to find the port(s) associated with those services and open those instead of 8000-9000. (Tip: Web servers run on port 80.)

1. Select ‘Security Groups’

Find “Security Groups” in the lower pane of your instance’s information page, and click on “launch-wizard-N”.

2. Select ‘Inbound’

3. Select ‘Edit’

4. Select ‘Add Rule’

5. Enter rule information

Add a new rule: Custom TCP, 8000-9000, Source Anywhere.

6. Select ‘Save’.

7. Return to the Instances page.

You’re done!

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